"...if you asked educated people to describe the

point of poetry, art, or music,

they would have replied: Beauty." 

Brahman Perera.

Most people call me Brem.

I am a Designer.

To me, design is about a relationship. Intuitively understanding needs and desires. Problem solving what others may not see and striving towards the pursuit of enduring beauty. 

I draw upon a decade of life in design.

Architecture, fashion, bespoke lighting and interior design. Working with Australian greats, Fiona Lynch and Hecker Guthrie. Gaining invaluable skills

and honing my published and awarded signature design aesthetic across residential, hospitality, workplace, multi-residential

and hotel design.

I believe in memories.

I respect the physical pieces of your life's work; designer or sentimental, it is representative of who you are and how you came to be. 

I want to work with you.

Every step, from concept; to hanging that final artwork, no matter how small or large the scope may be.  Design can only be made stronger and more compelling when it is made from collective minds, challenged and forced to reveal its integrity. Let's chat.